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Welp here it is, my last video for one hell of a cross over game lol.

Exhibition contains: - Support Attacks - Normal Attacks - Solo Units Attacks - Super Attacks/Overdrives - Multi-Attacks/AoE Super Attacks - Bosses' Super Attacks

Note: Sanger only has 1 special attack as boss unit.

This Exhibition also comes with a little twist with the tracks involved, so I hope you like it :p (Note that I used tracks represented on the English version of the game)

Music Used: - Wanderers Road (SP Ver.) (Project X Zone) - Morrigan Stage (Scotland) (Darkstalkers) - Ride the Tiger (Virtua Fighter) - Hsien-Ko Stage (China) (Darkstalkers) - Brave New World (Namco X Capcom) - God and Man (God Eater) - Opening Theme (Sakura Wars 3) - Battle to pay the Debt (Resonance of Fate) - Stairs of Time ( .hack//Link ) - Volcanic Rim Stage (Street Fighter IV) - Main Theme (Sakura Wars) - Ultra Violet (Devil May Cry) - Infinity at the Area Where it Exceeds (SRW OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED) - Fury Sparks (Tales of Vesperia) - Valkyria's Awakening (Valkyria Chronicles) - Tekken Tag Tournament Piano Intro (Tekken Tag Tournament) - Hope (Shining Force EXA) - The Battle of your Soul (Xenosaga 3) - Opening Stage X (Megaman X4) - Ride on Sea (Resident Evil: Revelations) - Rapid Storm (Project X Zone) - Mysterious Project (SP Ver.) (Project X Zone)


Recorded with the 3DS Capture Board:

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System: 3DS First Playthrough

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